Why do babies cry?

Recognizing your child’s cry is like a listening to a classical music under rock and punk metal concert — it’s hard. There are no patterns or clues that will lead you to the exact reason. Only buhahahahah and wahahahahaha.. (Seriously)
So why exactly babies cry?
1. Hungry
Babies, especially newborn, are always hungry. Crying is a signalling device that it is feeding time.

2. Diaper is dirty
Yep, check that down under. Babies easily get irritated, (others aren’t) so crying tells you that he/she poops and uncomfortable with it.

3. Itchy rashes
Look all over the body, especially the diaper area. Buttocks and genitals are dreaded with rashes so be vigilant on it.

4. Baby is ill
Check that temperature. Fever can cause that tantrum.

5. Baby is teething
Teething may happen as early as one year old. Just like a normal human, teething is very painful and irritable to it. To soothe it, always prepare a cool pad for the gums so there will be a cooling effect. Cold like ice can divert (trick) the brain’s attention.

6. Baby cries for no reason at all
Yes, like the quote says “birds fly and babies cry”. It has nothing to do with anything sometimes, he just feel it. Let it be, since I haven’t heard someone died because of crying.