Child Problem

Why your child never listens to you

Parenting has been horrible when the child is not reared properly. However, there are circumstances that the child will have such tantrums and will neglect your orders due to the following imprint of experiences.

  1. You easily give in to whatever he demands

Among the issues why the child may not listen to you, this is number one. Your child has this notion that he will just cry because you will give in anyway. He or she will never listen since at the end of the day, you always show you are below to him or her.

Always press into the youngster that whatever crying he’ll do, not all things should be granted to him (anyway, no one died because of crying). This may sound difficult to parents but eventually, he or she will be conditioned of not doing so.

  1. You do work for him or her


The child will take advantage if you do such thing. Why listen to you if you keep doing simple tasks for him or her? Stop doing favor to him or else he will do the things you ask him to do.


  1. You break promise


As young as their mind, once you break promises that he eagerly looks up to, i.e. outing on weekends, trust will be deteriorated. Why listen when you cannot be entrusted of?


  1. You don’t trust him


Since you keep doing things for him, it can be another meaning of not trusting him. Trust issues are much related to this issue. When the child grows like a kite trying to fly, try releasing the rod inch by inch so you can see him fly independently.