First Crush Advice

Jean, 35, a mother of three young beautiful kids, has just wakes up and does her usual stuffs — preparing foods for the family. Then suddenly, despite the clock ticking at 5:03 in the morning, here comes Rina, her 13 year old oldest daughter.

“Mom, I have a crush”

Jean, half-asleep, felt like she was hit with cold water from above. She started to panic.

Are you just like Jean?

Well, every parent’s dilemma is a child is keeping something from them, especially when she says about her first crush.

But if you are just like Jean, you MUST not panic. Handle it correctly and consider yourself lucky since your child still wants to open up with you!

So thin of your first crush advice for your child. Needless to say, you don’t have to be panicking or else it will lead your child that she did terrible and unforgivable sin. This will start for her not to trust you and cloak every activity she has from you. It’s very painful to see that your child will do foolish things at your back.

As a first crush advice, let her speak first. Yes, parents mistakenly do the talking a lot, leaving the child exhausted of saying nothing and listening to rant. Let her talk about her fist crush. Every little detail she wants to say.

Then ask what makes that guy her crush. As you listen, please look at your child’s eye and smile.

After listening, it’s now your time to talk and explain. Try to calm yourself before talking and insert your authority over her in a calm manner. Say like these, “You know, Rina, when I was at your age I did have crush. But remember, you are young and it’s OK. What are not Ok are you keep something behind me and do these stuffs with your friends that can destroy your future”.

Show her some real life situations, maybe you witness from your relatives. Don’t rush things just like your advice you give to her.

First crush is normal, parents. Not listening to your child is not.