Child Problem

How to handle first day of preschool

Now that your child begins to grow, separating from you is inevitable. We know stories how children have these tantrums during the first day in school and its very saddening that parents sometimes failed to prepare for it.

Yes, the key to handling the first day in preschool is to PREPARE THE CHILD long before the actual school days.

So how will you do it?

  1. Read stories and show books to your child.

Exposing your child to reading will make him or her love books. In return, you can actually tell him that there are a lot of books at school, thus, switching his eagerness to have books in school.

  1. Teach and encourage him or her how to scribbles and draw

Next to reading is encouraging him or her to draw and write, an actual activity done for schools. Letting him do these activities, just like reading, can channel him to “hunger” for more.

  1. Expose your child with others

Letting your child interact with his or her peers can make him or her comfortable. Go to the parks, or malls where there are playpens and let him play with other kids. As you repeat these routines, try moving away from him or her at observable distance.

  1. Visit the school

Making him or her familiar with the school will eventually ease the anxiety of separation. Show your child the rooms and let him or her seats or touch the stuffs around it. Continue to do it before the actual school days, and he or she will be used to it.

  1. Talk to the teacher

Just like visiting the school, talking to the teacher with your child can lead to easiness come school days. Your child will be acquainted with the face and the voice of the teacher, and will make him or her comfortable.