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Stage Parent Syndrome: How NOT to be one

Love of the parent to their child is unequal. The world won’t mean anything without the child, and making their child happy, they do everything for it.

Sometimes, crazy things.

Are you not that stage parent? Then what are the signs that you have the Stage Parent Syndrome?

  1. You ‘cheer’ too much

You are always on that basketball game. Ok, no offense, even Lebron James and Kevin Durant’s moms do. But, please, stop cheering your heart out too much. Especially for boys, seeing his mom almost getting killed by mob of his opponent’s fan, it is very embarrassing.


On a recital, you are not contented clapping. You shout! OMG!


  1. You ‘fight’ too much

Just like cheering, you always take him upfront and fight for him instead. I know, it’s hard to see or hear your child being bullied, but there are times you need to let the child fight his own fight. Don’t get me wrong, I do not tolerate hate or violence. What I want to say is there will be times your child will have to solve problems in his own.


  1. You do the approving… A LOT!

Just like an approving committee, stage parents act like one. They do approve things for their child, and never let the poor kid if he or she doesn’t like it. They “know” what’s best for him, a very used adage they loved to reason out. Please let the child decides for herself just like the choice of color of dress or small stuffs.


  1. You don’t know what personal space means

You always follow him all around. Even in front of his friends you try your best to be the parent — not something wrong—like asking him ‘hey little one, have you taken up your vitamins?’ stuff.